Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanks go out to my friend and fellow writer Chassily Wakefield.  She finished the edit on another section of my novel.  I have been blessed to have the support of Chassily and other new writer friends as I go through this process. 

I would also like to send out thanks to John Reed for his review of my first fifty.  John, it was sometimes difficult to hear, and even though I didn't want to change the format, I saw the wisdom in your advice.

I have been letting ideas percolate up this week and I think I am ready to work.  I hope to make progress over the holiday weekend.  Merry Christmas. 

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Greetings

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Blessed Winter Soltice to my friends and family. 

A month has gone by so quickly.  Apparently when one reaches middle age, the days and months get shorter, not to mention the years.  I had every intention of writing again and I did get some work done but alas, not as much as I had hoped.  I am planning on using the Christmas and New Year's holidays to get some major work done, with the goal of having a rough (and I mean Rough) draft done by the end of Feb.  I had decided that the pre-med and medical school stuff is probably enough for one book. I can always do residency as a sequel.  :)

As far as the marketing of my novel, there is no joy there either.  I have postponed sending any more queries for now.  Agents won't have time to look at them and I frankly don't have the time either.  I sent several queries by snail mail a while back, and two of them are still floating around out there.  I got a nice letter back from an editor I had met at a PWNA conference.  She was kind, but said she didn't feel that she could be passionate enough about it to do it justice.  An agent who will remain nameless was less kind.  She told me she didn't think the book sounded interesting.  I don't know how you make that kind of judgment based on a one page query, but she is pretty opinionated based on her Twitter account.

I think the basic problem is that my query letters are lacking some pazazz.  I may need to find a query workshop or on line course to help me put it together after the first of the year.  Several of the agents I am interested in are not taking any new queries until the first of February so there is plenty of time.

I wish you peace and joy in the winter holidays,.  My New Year's resolution is to write here daily.