Sunday, October 9, 2016


I have been keeping my opinions about the upcoming Presidential election off the internet because I don’t think Facebook and Twitter are the proper forum for those discussions.  However, I have been silent for too long.

I am voting for Hillary Clinton.  I am not voting for her because I like her.    I am voting for her because I need to stop Donald Trump from becoming president.

Donald Trump is a misogynistic, racist, narcissist.  He has shown these qualities again and again.  This week’s revelation about his attitudes towards women should not come as a surprise.  He has been married three times.  He has had affairs.  He gauges a woman’s value on her beauty and the number on her bathroom scale. He insulted a respected female journalist because she “bleeds.” 

He has promised to make Mexico build a wall along the Rio Grande, but walls do not work.  Just ask the Roman emperor Hadrian or the builders of the Berlin Wall.  He insulted the judge in the trial against Trump University because he is Hispanic. He has threatened to round up Muslims and deport them.  If you think this will make us safe, you are wrong.  It will only give fuel to those fanatics who already hate us for injecting our culture and politics into every other country on Earth. He has contributed to the systemic racism in this country by questioning the birthplace of President Obama. He made fun of a man with disabilities, mocking him for his speech and mannerisms.

Trump does not care about the good of the country.  He only cares about aggrandizing himself.  He has made obscene amounts of money and taken every tax loophole to avoid paying taxes because he is “smart.”  He rejoiced at the shootings at a gay nightclub by tweeting, “I called it.”  He is “the only one” who has answers to some of our nation’s stickiest problems.  He called on the NRA and the Second Amendment supporters to “solve the problem” of Clinton’s candidacy.  He has stated that if he loses the election “it was rigged,” and called on supporters to “watch” the polling places for irregularities.

So if you don’t want this vile, obscene person representing our country for the next four years, you MUST vote for Hillary Clinton.  If you haven’t registered, get it done, and exercise your right to vote.  If you are registered to vote, you can’t stay home, vote for a third party candidate, or write in Mickey Mouse because you are throwing away the chance to defeat Trump.  And, lastly, if you are intimidated at a polling place, call the police. Don’t let threats keep you from casting your vote.