Friday, January 8, 2010

Here it is Friday night.  I have had a very busy week.  The cold and the rain have seeped into my joints.  I have a few moments for reflection.

I have a ton of free time this weekend which I plan to put to good use.  The Christmas decorations need to come down and some household chores, but I will write this weekend.  Things have settled down with the family issues.  The holidays are over.  I feel more in control of my finances.  It is time to get to work.

I am picking up my story with my obsterics rotation and moving on to the neonatal ICU.  This is followed by an emotionally difficult set of scenes dealing with my marriage and depression.  A few notes about family medicine and a couple of psychiatry stories.  I think I can accomplish this in the next few weeks.  I will use this forum to get my head pointed in the right direction. And hopefully this time I won't be betrayed by "the pinky finger."

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