Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The definition of home is an abstract concept.  Many people have tried to describe it.
'There is no place like home.''
"Home is where the heart is."
"You can never go home again."

The one I like best is: "It takes hands to build a house, but hearts to build a home."

I have lived in many houses.  The ramshakle farm house where I grew up.  The 900 sq ft house my husband and I bought in West Seattle because we were tired of paying rent.  The beautiful dream home in Idaho surrounded by wheat fields and so far from where I really wanted to be.  The Nevada house where I just existed for the seven years of medical school.

I just left an unhappy house, the one I didn't want, where my children became beligerant, balky teenagers and my dreams of growing old with my husband came to an end.  I have moved to a new abode.  I have only been here a few months.  I love the view of the lake.  The furnishings and the wall color are of my choosing.  My cat has a favorite place to sleep.  But it is not yet a home.  I hope someday it will become one.  A place where I can slow down and meet my neighbors.  A comfortable living space where friends can come and drink wine and listen to music.  A place where, at last, I can be at home.

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