Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Long Absence

I can't believe that an entire month has pasted without me posting something here.  I have been getting two submissions together for the local literary contest, but that couldn't have taken up so much of my time.  I seem to have a lot of things spinning through my head, and time moves too fast when you get older.

My daughter has been ill and while she is getting better, the stress of not knowling if she was going to have to be hospitalized again was taking its toll.

A good friend, who had become a big part of my life, had some set backs.  It was hard for me to let him deal with these things.  I am a rescuer and it is so difficult for me to do nothing when a friend is in need.  I am still dealing with the emotional fallout from that.

And I have been worried about finances.  The economy down turn had a serious negative effect on my business.  And while I was worried about that, I also am trying to make plans for my future, which of course, only takes money.

So I have three Feb 15th resolutions. 
1) I am going to write everyday with the goal of 500 words and at least a short post here.
2) I am going to get back on my diet and start walking everyday
3) I am going to think about ways to fill up my weekends, otherwise I am wasting time sitting and stewing.

So I will be here tomorrow.  I promise myself.

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