Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well so much for good intentions.  I use the excuse that I was really busy this weekend. 

I went to a medical conference on Sat.  Tell me why they always talk about sleep disorders after lunch.  It was all I could do to keep awake.  I was so afraid my head was going to hit the desk.  I did manage to find a sunbeam at the break and take a ten minute power nap.  It revived me enough to pay attention for the rest of the program.

On Sunday I went with a realtor friend to look at condos.  There are tons of them in the area where I live, unfortunately I am being picky.  I really want something with a view of the Puget Sound.  Many of them you had to stand on one foot and peer around the corner of the deck to see it.  Even my friend thought some of the realtors were imagining things.  I also didn't want a lot of stairs.  I am getting old and the idea of schlepping groceries up two flights of stairs is getting more and more unattractive.  I saw a couple I might be interested in, but nothing I am going to be broken hearted over.  Now I am kind of rethinking my plan.

Yesterday again I did nothing.  I blame the Olympics.  I got intrigued with the ice dancing and didn't do too much else.  I wrote my writer friend Chassily.  We both seem to be in some kind of writing doldrums.  Maybe it is the weather.  I think I need to find another weekend symposium to get my juices flowing.  Or maybe I just need another project.  I will think on that one.

I have a much needed appointment with my counselor for tomorrow. Hopefully we can discuss this quagmire I find myself in and devise a way to escape from it.

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