Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lately my life seems to be speeding by and I have no idea where it is going.  Two weeks ago I was poised to begin anew.  Then a special friend came for the weekend and I got off track again.

So here we are where I was two weeks ago.  I did make some changes to this blog this morning.  I decided to drop my Claddagh Ring domain name at Yahoo.  I had only gotten one email in 18 months and it was expensive so I dropped it.  I also removed my Twilight updates from the bottom.  I will be researching more interesting and appropriate gadgets in the future.

Later today I will post the prologue to The Claddagh Ring.  I will post the announcement to my Facebook and Twitter accounts and see how many comments I get.  If you want me to continue, please post.  Your comments will help me decide if the time is right to make an attempt to epublish or not.  I WILL take all comments seriously.  Please stay tuned. 

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