Saturday, August 28, 2010

Writing and Women's Stories

This morning I attended a Women's Story Circle group which is organizing near my home.  I have to say that I was apprehensive.  I have never considered myself the most outgoing person and I tend to avoid meeting new people, but the energy and support which emanated from this group from the first few moments were remarkable.

This group of smart literate women joined by the passion for writing and the telling of stories was so uplifting.  I was able to tell my story in a non-judgemental group was something I have been lacking for a long time.  I think I have been so tied up by the rejection of agents that I am on some level afraid to put fingers to keys and get busy.

I have a writing assignment for the group which is buzzing inside my head.  We are to write about ourselves at different ages.  I am thinking about age 20 and how the choices I made then affected the outcomes of my life now.  Always keeping to the positive.

I have also toyed with the idea of trying to get a newspaper column started as a platform for my other writing.  Two of the younger women in the group were already doing that so now I am empowered to go forward with that.  I think I would like to write a medical column which not only addresses physical wellness but the effects of psychological and sociological pressures on health.  And I would like to do it in a upbeat, friendly kind of way.

Thank you to Linda for organizing the group.  I hope you are the "Butt Glue" I need to settle down and get to writing again.  And as we were talking about this morning...

"It isn't easy for any of to transcend the past, or pain we might have suffered.  Yet, there are gifts in those pains, and we can choose to let light into the dark places"

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  1. Hi Deb! I'm so glad that you enjoyed our gathering this morning! I agree with you about the energy and support that was in the room and I look forward to getting to know everyone better as we share our stories. P.S. Loved your comment about "Butt Glue"! Another one I've hears is "Tushie to Cushie".