Sunday, September 6, 2009

Book Review

I just finished The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder by Rebecca Wells. I was expecting more of a Ya-ya sisterhood kind of story. Calla is almost a Forrest Gump kind of character. She grows up in a small Louisiana town surrounded by love and lives a charmed life until two great tragedies rock her world. She moves to New Orlenes to study to cosmotology and become surrounded by a group of bizzare, but loving characters. Another tragedy sends her back home and one of the story lines is resolved. Calla has such a open childlike view of the world and the author in the face of all this heartbreak gives you the impression though Calla’s eyes that everything is still wonderous and beautiful.
Having said all that, I thought the story was a little thin. Calla is not a very complicated character. She makes two big decisions in her life, the rest of the story she seems to float along with the tide. The tragedies are sad, but not devestating. I just thought it lacked the conflict necessary for a good story. I keep waiting for something momentous to happen to pull this woman into reality. And I really couldn’t connect with any of the characters either even though her gay friends from NO were entertaining at times. It was just too "gushy" for me.
I am starting Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral today. A patient recommended it and said it was a riot. I need a good laugh.
I am going took work on my medical story today and I am trying to work on the timeline for the memior. For some reason I don't remember a whole lot about second year. I have some calandars from those years, hopefully they will spark some memories. Third year will be much more exciting.

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