Saturday, September 12, 2009

Redondo, Des Moines, Washington

Today, I stated my morning with coffee as I always do on Sat.  I am reading this wonderful book about a traveling funeral. It makes me quite emotional with all the stories and memories and female friendships.

I had a message appointment. They always have the most sumputuous aroma therapy brewing. You can smell the place the moment you open the door. My therapist had whale songs playing. She put heat on my feet and arnica on my sore back. I wish she could have worked on me all day.

When I left the building my mind was open.  The weather so beautiful that I decided on a walk. There is an area called Redondo not too far away from my home. It is on the south Puget Sound, which is an arm of the Pacific Ocean. Redondo has a sweeping view of the Sound. You can see Tacoma and Commencement Bay to the south. Fox Island is to the west and you can just see the Olympic Mountains beyond. To the north, I don't know how far you can see, but the Sound heads to the Staight of Juan de Fuca and then Vancouver Island in Canada.

I took a walk along the boardwalk. There were all kinds of people, young and old, out walking and running today. The tide was in. The water was slapping up under the walkway.  Occassionally water popped up between the boards.  I saw something moving in the water. Initally I thought it was a big salmon, but it was a sleak, grey harbor seal headed north. I saw one dark head farther out in the water which may have been a sea lion. Salmon were jumping everywhere slapping the water and forming spreading wakes in the calm water. The sky was the bluest blue.  There were no clouds. I met a lady as I was walking. We talked about the bald eagles and great blue herons which nest nearby. I told her my story of seeing a fox near there one evening.

My plan was to write down there, but I decided on food instead. There is one resturant on Redondo called Saltys. I walked alone into this upscale place with my dirty tee-shirt, baggy pants and Birkies. No one gave me a second look. They gave me a table with that same Sound view.  I had a glass of Chardonney. It wasn't the best--not quite buttery enough for me. I had a tender petite sirlion, medium rare with a Hollendasie sauce. There were two pan fried oysters, asper-grass (that is what I call it) and tiny, buttery, Yukon gold potatoes.

It was a perfect day in the Pacific Northwest.  I am refreshed and renewed, and re-dedicated to seeing more of this paradise I call home.

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  1. Hi Debi!

    I'm finally going through and reading all your old posts (and I promise I'm going to try my best to be better about keeping up next semester). I was going to just read through and not comment until I got to the more recent ones, but this post was so wonderful I simply had to pause to comment. This area sounds so beautiful; I really hope I'll be able to visit some day. And the day itself sounds perfect as well!