Monday, September 7, 2009

I worked on my med school memoir today. Got up through the summer before second year. Already have 25,000 words. May have to do one med school one residency.

Toying with a short story in my mind. See if I can pull it together for submission.

My good friend and editor Chassily Wakefield wrote me today. She sent me a note about her edits on part 3 of The Claddagh Ring. She said, "you were very good about keeping the story moving forward and not bogging it down with unnecessary back story and flashbacks. The ones that are in there need to be there and deepen characterization. . . .Your style of writing is very lean and clean, straightforward and yet still manages to get the passion and character development in there. It makes for a very fast-paced read, which is awesome." It was wonderful to have someone appreciate my work. Thanks Chassily! I will put that on the cover when it is published!

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