Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am feeling really good about my work today.  I have written four chapters today.  I am even having fun trying to come up with titles for the chapters.  I did realize today that writing a memior is very simular to writing a novel.  While it is tempting to write everything that happened in a linear manner, there has to be some plotting as well to make it interesting.  As such it is not totally accurate as a time line, but hits the high points.

I started The Lost Symbol as well this weekend.  Dan Brown wrote a flashback six pages long.  It was so shocking when we came back to the current time I also felt the transition physically.  I probably wouldn't have noticed it before I started writing in earnest.  Now I made a note to myself.  "Don't do that."

I also went to see James Taylor.  His music leaves me nostalgic.  I also watched Dirty Dancing with friends on Friday.  I wonder why I don't own any of this fabulous music.  I wonder if I can get a discount from Amazon if I run their ad here.

I also got a rejection letter for The Claddagh Ring.  It was from an agent which had rejected it before.  I am going to make a file of rejection letters, just so when I am published I can send them a copy.  Get one rejection, send out another letter.

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