Friday, September 18, 2009

Haven't found too much time for posting the last few days.  It seems the days and weeks are much shorter than they were when I was younger. 

I worked on my memior  this weeks.  It is amazing how memories fade.  I have some old calandars which my children made that help put me in the time.  I am anxious to move on to my third year.  I have so many more stories which revolve around patients and the tension is greater for that particular year than the second year.

I had dinner with a writer friend last night and then went to our local writer's association meeting.  It was good to get out and talk about writing and hear about the process of others.  I was reminded that I need to write every day.  Life and work seem to get in the way so easily.

The other bit of writing I did this week concerned a letter to Pres. Obama.  I took parts of my post below and some comments I had made else where and melded them into a letter which I hope was coherant.  I was very distrurbed to read in the paper that a local Holocaust survivor was arrested for assaulting LaRouch follows with their posters of Obama with a Hitler mustache.  The mis-information and extreme rhetoric in this debate is going to lead to more of these kind of unfortunate incidents, which is unfortunate.  Every person in this country needs access to healthcare.  I don't have the answers, but I know if people don't calm down, nothing will be accomplished and healthcare costs will continue to rise.

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